Book-end your Day with Journaling for a Happier, Healthier You

Book-end your Day with Journaling for a Happier, Healthier You

Yoga is about reaching the best version of ourselves. Though we all know diet and exercise improves our well-being, the motivational part of our brain can be too tired from everyday work stresses thus preventing us from making obvious healthier choices.

Self-improvement can happen easily if we start to do one thing, at the same time, every day for a few minutes, and Journaling is a great place to start. Like Mindfulness, Journaling offers useful insights into ourselves by making us a self-aware observer of our own habitual patterns that can obstruct the achievement of our well-being.


Time yourself writing for a few minutes not long after waking on what emotions/behaviours you want to shift/achieve or the real feelings you have for yourself. Be honest (no one else will see it) and don’t worry about rambling:

You can reflect and sum up what you’ve written. Always finish by writing an INTENTION (a short positive motivational statement to focus your mind on what you want to attain). Before going to sleep, come back to your intention – celebrate your successes.

But what if your intention was not accomplished? Journal as your future self-offering wisdom, self-compassion, and support – the same way you would give encouragement to a best friend.

Then, Journal three things that you are grateful for, your role in causing them, and identify the emotions you felt because of that experience. Expressing GRATITUDE daily is scientifically proven to make you happier.

Tristessa Moore is a Yoga Therapist (CNHC) delivering Mindfulness and Yoga in schools, businesses, and to the general public. or @yogatherapyhull

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