lock down well-being

Lock-down Well-being: How to feel Safe, Secure, and Calm

In this time of collective uncertainty, we need to look after our mental well-being more than ever, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, here’s a four part resourcing tool you can access, doing all of them at the same time, if you can:

ORIENTATE. Simply looking around and noticing your surroundings with all your senses (what you can see, hear, smell, touch, and taste) can decrease nervous arousal. As you do this, try to relax your shoulders, neck, and jaw.

GROUND. This is when we feel our feet, legs, and the earth beneath, and helps us to feel safe, and secure. So that you do not feel too weighed down by the collective pressures of the pandemic, extend the crown of your head and spine up towards the ceiling.

NOTICE YOUR BREATH by placing attention on your abdomen and by following each rise and fall with each in and out breath and by placing your hands there.

CENTRE. When centred, you are aware of your own personal power which helps to build mental resilience, particularly when the situation of the pandemic makes us feel disempowered as circumstances feel outside of our control. We can physically centre ourselves by getting in touch with the muscles in the abdomen by lifting the lower belly muscles.

Want to find out more on how Yoga can help you? Tristessa Moore, is a registered Yoga Therapist at www.yogatherapyhull.co.uk who also teaches well-being in schools: www.yoyogasoul.co.uk

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