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How to Ride the Storm of Social Distancing with Mindful Self-Compassion

Humans are hard-wired for connection and during social distancing we feel separated from a sense of safety or love. This rupture, akin to the feeling of abandonment, or ‘disenfranchised grief’ makes us yearn for our reality to be different, or as it was before, such as in a loss of freedom and a sense of belonging with friends, family, groups, and/or institutions.

In response to this, it’s useful to harness the power of physical touch by experimenting with different gestures, for example, placing one hand or two over the heart or belly, gently stroking or hugging the arms, tenderly holding the other hand, or cradling your cheeks or face softly.

This releases the feel good hormones that increase a sense of safety, connection, and security. Coupled with a Mindful Compassion-Based practice this can be a powerful and emotionally-supportive tool.

Here’s How:

In an aware, but relaxed seated position, with eyes closed or with a soft gaze, drop your attention down into your body, noticing the rise and fall of the breath. When you are ready, begin to notice what emotion arises. You may feel it in some part of the body as an area of tension.

In this place you can offer the gesture of soothing touch, imagining warmth flowing into your body. If it helps, talk to yourself with words of supportive kindness by imagining you are speaking to a dear friend who is having the same challenge.

When you’re ready, release the practice.

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