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Workshop: An Introduction to Yoga Therapy for Long-Covid, Burnout, M.E., M.S., and Chronic Fatigue

The Ancient Wisdom of Yoga combined with Modern Science

WEEKLY ONLINE YOGA THERAPY – 22nd May – 17th of July 2021

Though Yoga has been developed over centuries as an ancient tradition, the science boffins have discovered it has some quite extraordinary effects on the brains of those who do it regularly, and it could well be part of the solution to alleviate the effects of a variety of symptomatic illnesses associated with fatigue and chronic fatigue.

This 8-week online course will provide a variety of tried and tested resourcing tools and step-by-step guidance to begin your journey in self-managing the effects of chronic fatigue, Long-Covid, Burnout, M.E., and M.S. 

Connect once a week for one hour with Yoga Therapy Hull’s experiential well-being sessions. Our course explores how to:

  • Investigate fatigue conditions, stress, anxiety, well-being, and their causes
  • Establish a regular well-being practice without triggering a relapse
  • Cultivate self-care and emotional health
  • Use scientific research to demystify what some deem to be the esoteric aspects of Yoga
  • Bring back joy and help you to reconnect back with yourself+ Improve mental focus, energy, lung function, and digestion
  • Use gentle movement to keep the joints supple and release stored tension.

Follow-up emails will provide session summaries, helpful resources, and recordings of each session. 


Week 1: Stress: The Brain and Body Connection – Self-regulation resourcing tools 

Week 2: Boundaries and the Self – Self-care as a revolutionary act

Week 4: Rest, Digest, and Repair – Breathing and the nervous system

Week 3: Polyvagal theory and the Window of Tolerance – Vagal Tone and well-being

Week 5: The Issues are in the Tissues – listening to and restoring the body

Week 6: Burnout and relapse – Why some of us are more affect than others and how we can achieve balance

Week 7: How to Achieve Optimal Sleep for Body Repair

Week 8: Coming Home to the Self and Self-Empowerment: Journaling and Mindfulness

*Please note there is no Workshop on Bank Holiday weekend, Saturday 29th of May. 

Sliding Scale Well-being Investment

We are offering the following to address inequality and accessibility. Please pay according to your ability and resources. 

Supporter Fee: £80 (highest) 

  • I can comfortably meet all my needs like food, vacations, housing, and transportation costs
  • I’m employed or do not need to work and have access to savings
  • I’d like to help support those on the ‘Community Fee’ below
  • Bonus FREE 40 minute bespoke one-to-one Yoga Therapy session worth £25 with tailored take-away practice 

Sustainer Fee: £60 (mid-range)

  • I may worry about meeting basic needs like food, housing, and transportation costs
  • I’m employed
  • I’m able to access financial assistance from other sources to cover expenses

Cup of Coffee/Community Fee: £30 (lowest): 

  • I struggle with meeting my basic needs like food, housing, and transportation costs
  • I am unemployed or underemployed and cannot take time off work without burden
  • I don’t have access to savings or financial assistance from other sources


  • No previous experience of Yoga and Mindfulness is required. This is an experiential course designed to give you practical tools for physical and emotional well-being.
  • Much of the techniques we will cover are short simple seated or standing movements, breathing, and mindfulness techniques, both traditional and non-traditional regarding the practice of Yoga.
  • Before beginning the course, you will have to complete a medical declaration form which will include questions to assess your body and mind.
  • The class will be delivered via the online platform of Zoom. Guidance will be supplied on how to use this technology.


Tristessa Moore is a registered Yoga Therapist (CNHC) accredited by the British Council for Yoga Therapists and a Mindfulness Educator with the international charity, Mind with Heart. She is trained in evidence-based, adjunctive Yoga treatments for trauma-sensitive, complex trauma, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder for teens and adults.

As well as Yoga Therapy, Tristessa delivers Yoga for well-being in primaries, schools, colleges, prisons, the NHS, and businesses. She works as an English Teacher (BA Hons, MA, PGCE, SEN), and previously as a Coach and University PGCE Lecturer. 

Your GP can refer you to an accredited Yoga Therapist:

“‘Both the Government and the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) recommend that when a patient or service user chooses to visit a health or care practitioner who is unregulated, only those on an accredited register are consulted.’ Therefore, under the General Medical Council’s guidance to doctors, they can refer patients to practitioners on the CNHC accredited register.”
— The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Public Health, Jane Ellison MP, House of Commons.

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This is a single one-time payment for all 8 sessions.  Sliding Scale Well-being Investment: Please pay according to your ability and resources.

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Workshop: An Introduction to Yoga Therapy for Long-Covid, Burnout, M.E., M.S., and Chronic Fatigue

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