Yoga and Mindfulness when you don’t have time!
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Yoga and Mindfulness when you don’t have time!

A common excuse for many when it comes to well-being, is that we don’t have the time, and if you notice in these ideas below, Yoga and Mindfulness are more just than attention and movement: They’re also about living with purpose and social connection. Taking just a few moments out of your hectic daily schedule can be as simple as:

paying attention to your in-breath and out-breath

spreading your toes and exploring the sensations of your feet

circling your shoulders in time with your breath

letting your jaw go slack and noticing the difference

rooting down into your sitting bones, feeling your chest lift, and lengthening your spine

driving, eating, and drinking with attention and awareness

leading with your chest as you move rather than with your nose, and connecting to the sensations of walking and breathing

tensing (on the inhale) and releasing (exhale) parts of your body starting with your feet, and working your way up, noticing the sensations

journaling what you are grateful for and your successes and setting positive intentions for what’s ahead

doing one thing at a time with your full attention and awareness

getting up every 30 minutes when seated to do a standing stretch

noticing your moods and thoughts (whether distracted or negative), and reciting positive affirmations

becoming aware of how you non-verbally communicate with your body language and facial expressions – smile more!

doing an act of kindness or giving appreciation to others

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