yoga therapy for grief

Yoga for Loss and Grief

Whether from the death of a loved one, breaking up from a partner, or losing a job, grief doesn’t take root as a singular emotion but can reveal itself as fear, anger, sadness, guilt, anxiety, regret, disappointment, and loneliness, and if pushed down or aside, can find ways to toxically show up in our lives and bodies until expressed in healthier ways.

Yoga, which allows us to witness our thoughts as well as feel our bodies from within, can help us to move through loss: In essence, we cannot heal unless we acknowledge the pain we feel.

How to Release Difficult Emotions:

In a standing upright posture (mountain pose), feel your shoulders roll back and down, chest open. Call into mind the image of a tree with a long root system: Notice how it feels to be rooted, grounded, yet tall, extending upwards. Working from the feet up, mentally sweep your body to notice areas of tension, without judging or analyzing. Is there one word you can use to describe how you’re feeling?

Working with vibration and the sound of your breath, inhale through the nose as you take your arms overhead, and with a loud exhale sigh through an open mouth whilst swinging your arms behind moving your abdomen towards bent knees. Repeat ten times, then come back to Mountain pose.

Place your right hand over your left on your heart and notice all physical sensations and feelings: Be present and breathe through them with complete inhales and exhales through your nose.

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